The Beginning of Audacious You

“So, you’re 21, a female, and what most would call a conservative. Why do you think you can start a business? Why should people listen to what you have to say?”

These questions have racked my mind the past couple of months. And yes, I have been asked these questions by friends and family, maybe not in exact wording but you get the point. Either way the questions and the doubt are still there. I still have to deal with them.

Logically speaking, it does NOT make sense for me to be starting a business right now. I mean HELLO COVID? But here’s the deal, this has been something God laid on my heart years ago, and I had no idea when it would finally be happening. I didn’t even know what any of it would look like. All I knew was that I could see a need for more Christ centered businesses, ones that weren’t afraid to stand up for their beliefs, and weren’t afraid to speak their minds on controversial topics.

I wanted to start something that opens the door for healthy conversations. Something to encourage believers to share truth. Something to serve as a reminder that God is ALWAYS for you, never against. So, here goes nothing.

I introduce to you Audacious You LLC, a business and a blog. A place for God to take my creativity wherever He wants, and a place for Christ centered community. My plan is to have hand painted Bibles, notebooks, and Tshirts. Why those items? 1.) Because a beautiful Bible will most definitely catch people’s eye! And 2.) People see most of these items all of the time, and they are great conversation starters!

Like I said, logically speaking this is a very risky move for me. But that’s what makes this even better! It’s all God. Every idea, every design, every blog, all of it. If God says go, you go. And that is exactly what I’m doing, even if it doesn’t make sense or “seem like the right time”. I hope my stepping out in faith encourages someone else out there to do the same. What is it that God has laid on your heart to do? What are your fears and doubts, how can you overcome them? I’d love to talk with you guys and hear your hearts. Audacious You is meant to be a family, so we can learn to be Audacious together.

For the people who have supported me this far, thank you. It can only go up from here! I’m excited to be taking this journey and sharing it with all of you. Let me know if you have questions or just want to talk, I’m always ready to chat.


Much love,

Skylor Bryant, Owner of Audacious You.

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  • Darlene Craddock

    I know God has plans for all His children. So glad you are stepping out in faith for part of His plan for you. Enjoy the journey, Love Nana🌿

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